The Brotherhood

What the Brotherhood stands for

  • Keeping the connection with each other even after our events
  • Integration of everything learnt during the retreat into daily life
  • Supporting each other
  • Not judging yourself and others
  • Trusting unity (we are all one)
  • Turning the energy of constant thoughts and ego into positivity by sharing 
  • All men deserve to receive love
  • All men are worthy
  • All men are allowed to experience joy and be happy with themselves
  • All men are allowed to experience sadness and other emotions

The annual membership pass – Weekly online men’s circles!

Join one of our MENSWKND events and become part of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is intended as a way to keep connected with fellow men and to support integration of all that was learnt during the retreat into daily life. You can expect sharings, meditations, live breathwork, challenges and much more.

The Brotherhood Event – An amazing group event for brothers

Our annual Brotherhood event is a gathering of men from our circles and events. The event takes place in the middle of nature at a secret location in France. During this 3-day event, there are several workshops, group exercises and smaller sub-group activities. Living, celebrating and healing together with fellow brothers in the power of the now.

How does it work?

Annual membership costs 799.00 euros and gives you 15% discount on any event and the Annual Brotherhood Event in the same year. The normal price for the Annual Brotherhood Event is 449.00 euros*, so with an annual pass you get 15% off.

*Exclusive or private seats may be available at other rates.