The Brotherhood

What the Brotherhood stands for

  • Keeping the connection with each other even after our events
  • Integration of everything learnt during the retreat into daily life
  • Supporting each other
  • Not judging yourself and others
  • Trusting unity (we are all one)
  • Turning the energy of constant thoughts and ego into positivity by sharing 
  • All men deserve to receive love
  • All men are worthy
  • All men are allowed to experience joy and be happy with themselves
  • All men are allowed to experience sadness and other emotions

The annual membership pass – Weekly online men’s circles!

Join one of our MENSWKND events and become part of the Fraternity. The first month after the retreat is free, and meant to be a period of integration of everything learnt at the retreat.

The Brotherhood Event – An amazing group event for brothers ! 02.10.2023

Our annual Brotherhood event is a gathering of men from our circles and events. The event takes place in the middle of nature at a secret location in France. During this 3-day event, there are several workshops, group exercises and smaller sub-group activities. Going for the true feeling of 'Oneness', while singing ''I am a man, YOU are a man, WE ARE MEN''. Living, celebrating and healing together with fellow brothers in the power of the now.

How does it work?

When participating in one of our Menswknds, you get 1 month of free entry to The Brotherhood immediately afterwards. An annual pass, as an extension after the free period costs 149.00 euros and gives you 20% discount on any event and the Annual Brotherhood Event in the same year. The normal price for the Annual Brotherhood Event is 449.00 euros*, so with an annual pass you get 20% off (90 euros).

*Exclusive or private seats may be available at other rates.