8 - 11 September, 2022

🤴 It’s time for us men tot stand up!

Stand up as men with all that we are. Not an image created over the years but from our core, our true selves. To live free of the limiting voice in our heads and connect with true essence.

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same routine or loop? Are relationships both romantically and career wise difficult to maintain or enter into? Do you feel there is more to life? Men’s Retreat 8-11 September, Durbuy Belgium. 2 Places left.

Its time to take responsibility and accept the simple yet confronting fact that you are the creator of your life Join us in the Ardennes (Belgium) if you are ready to choose a path different from suffering, self-loathing or simply being stuck in an routine you don’t really want.

STAND UP is a 4 day's long MENSWKND for men that are ready for change and to discover themselves from inward to shining their light outward. A journey of breaking through resistance, confrontation, grounding, boundaries and brotherhood.

💙 Love
👊🏼 Power
⚔️ Breaking through resistance
🫂 Brotherhood
🔥 Fire
❄️ Ice
🧘‍♂️ Silence & Meditations
🗻 Nature

In brief:
✔ Powerful 4 day retreat in the Ardennen of Belgium
✔ 14 men and 4 staff members
✔ All inclusive for 600,00 Euro bedroom with 1 or 2 other men
✔ Single bedroom available for 540,00 euro
✔ Fresh vegetarian food, snacks, thea and fruits included
✔ Experienced leadership
✔ A beautiful location in the middle of nature
✔ Going out of the routine
✔ Let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer and stand up with your masculine power!
✔ Free 3 months access to the brotherhood online, a weekly circle
✔ A free individual coaching session after the event