23-26 March 2023

RESET LIFE is an all-inclusive 4-day retreat for men who are ready to change and reconnect with themselves

Rediscover and trust yourself. Take a journey of breaking through resistance, confrontation, grounding, boundaries and connecting with brotherhood.

Take responsibility. Accept the simple but confronting fact that you are the creator of your own life. Are you ready to choose a different path and break free from being tired, angry, lonely, overthinking and or upset!

Get out of the routine. You will step out of the routine and live in the moment. Accept the past and choose to be present in the now. Don't be preoccupied with what needs to happen in the future to be happy, but be with all that is now. The tools we will give you and the techniques you will learn are extremely powerful and will enable you to break this self-created loop.

Regain confidence in your self. Regain confidence in yourself by becoming aware of self-judgements and self-hatred and transforming them into love and trust. Stand up for who you are without fear.

Some highlights of the programme:

  • Cold therapy: Wim H, breath, ice and power
  • Breathwork: several deep sessions
  • Meditation: connection with yourself
  • Truffle ceremony: an internal journey
  • Fire circles: let go, and light up
  • Reprogramming: release old stories/beliefs
  • New friendships
  • And much more




In case of health issues:
If you have heart problems, severe mental health problems or psychosis, or if you take antidepressants or lithium, please contact us via email first.

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to an online form, which we ask you to fill in.

Investment in yourself:

€ 549.00*/Per Person

* Downpayment of €150 and the balance to be paid 21 days prior event.

What's Included

✔ Bed in Yurt  (bring sleeping bag & pillow)

upgrade options:

  • Bed in shared room: + 100 euro p.p.
  • Private room + private bathroom for 2 : + 150 euro p.p.


✔ Powerful 4 day retreat

✔ Experienced team

✔ Different room options for all budgets

✔ Fresh vegan meals, snacks, tea, fruit

✔ Ice bath, breathwork, sharing, fire circle

✔ Magic Psilocybin Truffle Journey

✔ BONUS: Online Intake session

✔ BONUS: 1:1 coaching session

✔ BONUS: Free first online circle


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