Durbuy, Belgium (Ardennes)


9 - 12 February 2023

It’s time for us men tot STAND UP!

Stand up as men with all that we are, from our core, our true selves. Live free from the limiting voice in our heads, by connecting with our true essence. Do you feel like you are stuck in the same routine? Do you feel there is more to life?

It is time to take responsibility and accept the simple but confronting fact that you are the creator of your own life. Come to this beautiful retreat centre in the middle of nature if you are ready to choose a path other than suffering, self-loathing or being stuck in a routine that does not serve you or others.

STAND UP by MENSWKND is a 4-day retreat for men who are ready for change and want to discover themselves. You will go within and radiate your light outwards. A journey of breaking through resistance and confronting yourself, reconnecting with yourself and brotherhood.

With the result:
Being able to do what you really want. Being able to express love and live in complete harmony with yourself and others. Being the real you and living your life to the fullest.

"The weekend was a deep dive inside myself. I released a few unprocessed griefs, fears and also some subconscious shame. Most importantly, I experienced what it is like to have brothers - something which I had never really experienced growing up. I recommend this for all men looking to reconnect with themselves and willing to make changes to their life, by releasing things which no longer serve them". - Siddarth, participant September 2022



We have four days full of activities planned for you. We will not tell you exactly what we planned but share a rough outline of some highlights only.

Reprogramming: old stories and negative beliefs will be addressed and let go.

Cold Therapy: letting go, through Wim Hof breathwork, ice baths and pure power of mind we will celebrate all men breaking through their barriers.

Breathwork: it is called breath-work, and you will be doing the work, guided by our seasoned coaches. This allows you to travel to, and descend into the emotional, energetic and spiritual body.

Meditation: will bring you to full relaxation and connection with yourself and the oneness.

Truffle Ceremony: an internal journey to the Self. You start this process with expressing your intentions and then let the plant medicine guide you to physical consciousness.

Fire circles: what do you burn in the fire? What can you let go off, what do you welcome in your life? Light it up!

New friendships and brotherhood

A note of caution:
If you have heart problems, serious psychological problems or psychoses, or if you use antidepressants or lithium, please contact us via email first.

After purchasing a ticket you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to an online form, which we ask you to fill out.

πŸ’™ Love
πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ Power
βš”οΈ Breaking through resistance
πŸ«‚ Brotherhood
πŸ”₯ Fire
❄️ Ice
πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Silence & Meditations
πŸ—» Nature

Investment in yourself:

€ 599.00*/Per Person

What's Included

βœ” Powerful 4-day retreat

βœ” Experienced team to support you

βœ” Shared room (max 2 p)

βœ” Fresh vegan meals, snacks, tea, and fruit

βœ” Ice bath, breathwork, sharing, fire circles and ….

βœ” Magic Psilocybin Truffle JourneyΒ 

βœ” BONUS: Online Intake session

βœ” BONUS: 1:1 coaching session

βœ” BONUS: Free 1 month access to the brotherhood


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