MENSWKND coaching is based on the belief that YOU are the creator of your own life

Do you want to change? Because who you are created the life you have, not the other way around. It’s all in YOU. In me, what do you mean?

All of us have been brought up, with limiting beliefs. That little voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, or that we are not worthy of love. But we have created these beliefs ourselves, often in response to events in our childhood. This is good, because we can undo and rewrite those beliefs.

Ask yourself:

What would my ideal life look like?

What stories have I told myself and others that I can let go of?

What is my new story?

Our coaches work with effective techniques such as deep breathwork and the Reset Your Life program to identify old beliefs and support you to rewrite them with the truth. If you are interested in learning more please contact us. We offer a free 30-minute online intake session. 

Are you also fed up with the way how things are going in your life and are you ready to accept that it's all about you?


It is all in me!

For a long time, I was stuck in the same routine and had the same primary reactions to different situations. My core belief was that I was not good enough. I was very angry at myself and the people around me. I often had the feeling that I was not treated well, or that other people were not behaving as they should have.

I prevented myself from going inward. I drank alcohol excessively, kept myself busy through endless hours on my phone and binge-watching. I was on a path to nowhere, increasing my self-loathing.

Until I decided to accept that it is all inside me, and that I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE. Only I can change negative beliefs which I made up earlier in life in response to certain situations, and only I am able to replace them with loving beliefs.



The time is now!

I identified with external things, like money, status and especially work. I was not connecting with the true 'me' and not living in the now. I pushed people away with my big ego and missed the meaning of life. This path I walked would not work out well in the short and long term. This became more and more visible.

As is so often the case, and cliché or not, burnout changed my life drastically. This event which happened years ago was a real wake-up call and hit me at my core. I knew things had to change. Starting with myself.

But how to start the process and what to do? The kickstart event that brought me onto the right path was a men's retreat. Connecting with men, realising who I really am, not who I thought I was, and how I want to live from now on, inspired me to reconnect with myself.


Are you also fed up with the way how things are going in your life and are you ready to accept that it's all about you?