About Us

Menswknd’s mission is ‘to empower as many men as possible by helping them get in touch with their true essence and let them stand for who they truly are.’ Menswknd was founded to help all type of men with their mental health, choosing the next steps in life and rediscovering themselves.


It is all in me!

For a long time, I was stuck in the same routine and had the same primary reactions to different situations. My core belief was that I was not good enough. I was very angry at myself and the people around me. I often had the feeling that I was not treated well, or that other people were not behaving as they should have.

I prevented myself from going inward. I drank alcohol excessively, kept myself busy through endless hours on my phone and binge-watching. I was on a path to nowhere, increasing my self-loathing.

Until I decided to accept that it is all inside me, and that I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE. Only I can change negative beliefs which I made up earlier in life in response to certain situations, and only I am able to replace them with loving beliefs.


Are you also fed up with the way how things are going in your life and are you ready to accept that it's all about you?