About Us


MENSWKND’s mission is ‘to empower as many men as possible by helping them get in touch with their true essence and allow them to stand for who they really are.’ MENSWKND was founded to help men rediscover themselves.  

We organise retreats and events to bring men together. Within a safe container and through various techniques men are supported to come into their power, but also to discover, appreciate and allow their softer sides. 

Most men have been brought up with the idea that they have to conform to a certain image. The man is not allowed to show his emotions, must be strong and provide for the family. But where is the man himself in all this? 

We explore boundaries and learn to live more in the now. Together, we learn to leave old beliefs behind and replace them with the truth. That ever-present little voice in our heads is stripped of its power and doesn’t get a chance to constantly activate the ego. Men become more self-aware and STAND UP for who they are. 

All men are beautiful and deserve to (re)discover themselves. Menno & Niels – Aho!